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Viettel, Qualcomm to Develop Next-gen 5G Radio Unit

By: Greg Tavarez 5/19/2022

Viettel Group and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. announced plans to collaborate and develop a next-generation 5G radio unit to help expedite the developme…


Are Private 5G Enterprise Networks Truly Ready for Prime Time?

By: Matthew Vulpis 5/12/2022

Private 5G networks, much like public 5G, have the potential to dramatically improve security, bandwidth, and speed, but on an enterprise scale.


The Stellar Combination of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 for Smarter Buildings and Smart Cities

By: Arti Loftus 5/10/2022

5G and Wi-Fi 6, while they both excel on their own, together offer connectivity that can be revolutionary for both industrial use and consumers.


Wireless Power: The Unsung Hero of Rapid 5G Deployment

By: Special Guest 5/5/2022

The potential of 5G to transform industries and improve our quality of life is immense, with applications spanning manufacturing, smart cities, urban …


Vodafone Portugal Using MAVcore solution for 5G Converged Packet Core

By: Laura Stotler 4/27/2022

The MAVcore solution from Mavenir has been selected by Vodafone Portugal for its fully containerized Converged Packet Core network. The offering will …


Report Shows 5G Growth Strengthening in Asia-Pacific

By: Stefania Viscusi 4/27/2022

5G is quickly growing in importance on a global scale as one of the fastest wireless technologies ever created. In APAC, where delays caused by the CO…


Ericsson's Dual-Mode 5G Core Undergoing System Validation on VMware Telco Cloud Platform

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic 4/27/2022

The latest announcement from the two companies is the news that Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Core is actively undergoing system validation on VMware Telco …


Making School Networks Smarter and More Secure and Affordable with CBRS-based Wireless Solutions

By: Matthew Vulpis 4/26/2022

For the first time, the availability of low-cost, shared wireless spectrum using the CBRS in the 3.5-3.7 GHz band allows enterprises to own and operat…


Securing 5G Networks: New Approaches Ensure Cybersecurity is a Forethought, Not Afterthought

By: Matthew Vulpis 4/26/2022

5G has the potential to make a lasting impact on society, and within this sector, the subset of private 5G has the potential to truly revolutionize mo…


Making the Business Case for 5G

By: Special Guest 4/18/2022

While consumer services like improved gaming experiences will certainly have their fans, perhaps even more compelling will be the myriad of B2B applic…


The Rise of Private 5G Enterprise Networks: Lose the Wires, Gain Multiple Benefits and Position for Ongoing Digital Transformation

By: Matthew Vulpis 4/11/2022

5G is expected to greatly change the way businesses work and the way people live, being faster and able to handle more connected devices than the exis…


Pente Networks Joins 5G Expo 2022 as Platinum Sponsor

By: 5GEvolution News 4/5/2022

TMC and Crossfire Media today announced Pente (formally JpU) has signed on as a Platinum sponsor for the 5G Expo, to be held June 21-24, 2022 at the G…


Chinese Telecom Operators Put Brakes on 5G Spending

By: Laura Stotler 3/31/2022

Two major Chinese operators have slowed down on 5G investments and build-out after two years of growth. The companies are opting to spend more on digi…


Virgin Media O2 Adopts VMware to Assist with 5G Rollout

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic 3/30/2022

Virgin Media O2 UK chose VMware to help modernize its network and enable the continued success of its 5G rollout. The company will leverage VMware Tel…


Omdia Expects 1.3 Billion 5G Connections by End of 2022

By: Luke Bellos 3/25/2022

5G Americas recently shared research data from Omdia, uncovering how 5G adoption has evolved since first going live, as well as long term growth expec…


Verizon Certifies Cradlepoint Adapter, Furthers 5G Mission

By: Maurice Nagle 3/24/2022

Verizon and Cradlepoint jointly announced the certification of Cradlepoint's W1850 5G Wideband Adapter to offer C-band spectrum connectivity via Veriz…


Qucell Utilizes Radisys Software for 5G Small Cells

By: Luke Bellos 3/18/2022

Open telecom solution developer Radisys recently announced Qucell Networks selected Connect RAN gNodeB software to deploy 5G small cell solutions for …


Pente Networks and Telefonica Unveil Enterprise 5G Mobile Core and Edge Co-Created Solutions for Industrial Strength Use Cases

By: Matthew Vulpis 3/15/2022

Telefonica and Pente Networks announced they are working on a managed 5G Cloud service to enable advanced transformation use cases for enterprises.


5G is Here: Why Enterprises Need to Take Note

By: Ken Briodagh 3/10/2022

The IoT industry hasn't seen a hype cycle as strong as the one for 5G since wireless networking, and some enterprises are still waiting in the wings t…


Global Enterprises Need to Scale Their Networks-Here's How

By: Ken Briodagh 3/10/2022

Commercial globalization is a fact, and one that Enterprises need to be ready to capitalize upon. It's even more critical now with the advent of enter…