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Driving Connectivity Forward: 5G Consortium Gains Momentum with New Members

By Greg Tavarez

Global 5G population coverage reached around 35% at the end of 2022 and is projected to increase to about 85% in 2028, according to Ericsson. The reason is simple: 5G networks hold immense promise, offering higher speeds, ultra-low latency and the capacity to connect billions of devices simultaneously. 5G technology transforms the way people live, work and interact – from autonomous vehicles and smart cities to remote healthcare and immersive virtual experiences.

Helping drive the rapid development, deployment and standardization of 5G technology globally is the 5G Consortium, a collaborative alliance formed by companies in the telecommunications and technology sectors.

The goal of the 5G Consortium is to mutually promote an ecosystem of products and services that support LTE, 5G and CBRS private network deployments, collaborate in marketing the consortium, and conduct testing between products to ensure solutions are interoperable with each other and within the private LTE and 5G cellular environment.

Now, the Consortium officially has more expertise in its arsenal; Athonet, a provider of private network technology, has approved new members to the Consortium. New members are Acromove, DKK NA, MosoLabs, Neutroon and t3 Broadband.

Acromove provides data migration and edge cloud data center infrastructure solutions. Its novel solutions enable enterprises to transfer massive amounts of data effortlessly and to bring a true cloud computing experience to the edge.

"It's interesting how easy is to deploy and work with Athonet 5G Core, but mostly we loved the support level and determination they offer in delivering high-quality services to its customers," said Evan Achillopoulos, Chief Technology Officer, Acromove.

DKK North America, established through 100% investment by its parent company (DKK Co. Ltd. in Japan), provides DKK-branded, top-quality, value-added base station antennas (such as small cell antennas) for customers in the U.S.

"DKK NA believes 5G O-RAN will be successful for consumers worldwide in providing an interoperable, low-latency network and DKK NA will supply 5G Consortium verified equipment for global deployment," said Mark Sunderland, Director of Business Development, DKK NA.

MosoLabs creates products that empower people to build private networks and open, decentralized, blockchain-powered wireless networks. The company’s mission is to make it easy for anyone to participate in and benefit from building end-to-end wireless solutions, from network infrastructure to applications.

“We will expand our reach and develop new collaborations with 5G Consortium members to offer trusted technology and service solutions to maximize the benefits of private networks for new industries,” said Stephen Leotis, president, MosoLabs.

Neutroon is a telecom company that enables network operators to deploy and manage multi-vendor hybrid private wireless networks easily from the cloud for multiple clients. It was founded in August 2020 to bring the technology of making 5G more affordable, open and flexible for companies and local communities.

"Neutroon adds complementary elements to the Athonet solution that we believe are extremely valuable for MPN operators, which could range from a large MNO to a small enterprise IT team,” said Christopher Gehlen, co-founder and CEO, Neutroon. “We are already seeing these benefits materialize with a large customer in the U.S., and we are seeing a growing interest from small and large MPN operators in our solution."

Telecommunication company t3 Broadband specializes in complete RF, optical, backhaul, networking design and tower services. The company was founded on the principle of providing economical broadband to rural communities through its service provider customers

"Building upon our longstanding relationship with Athonet, as a member we are look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the Consortium in driving innovative network solutions for private LTE and fixed wireless broadband networks, effectively bridging the digital divide," said Chris Crowe, CEO, t3 Broadband.

The new members bring additional global expertise (as well as hardware and services capabilities) to the Consortium as the alliance continues to promote an ecosystem of products and services that support LTE, 5G and CBRS private network deployments.

Edited by Alex Passett

SmartCity Editor

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