5G Evolution

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An IoT Roadmap for Next-Generation Architectures

By: Alex Passett     2/22/2023

Eric Burger, Technical Program Director of Next G Alliance, shared research on the nature of 5G and 6G (along with a realistic next-gen roadmap) at this year's IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


HCLTech Keeps 5G Innovation Wheel Going with Intel and Mavenir

By: Greg Tavarez     1/9/2023

HCLTech, Intel and Mavenir are in a collaboration to develop and provide scalable private 5G network solutions for communication service providers and broader cross-vertical enterprises.


Test 5G Cybersecurity in SecurityGen Lab

By: Greg Tavarez     12/19/2022

The 5G Cyber-security Lab enables MNO security teams to study 5G technology and better protect their networks.


EvoNexus Incubates 5G Startups with Qualcomm

By: Greg Tavarez     12/6/2022

Qualcomm and EvoNexus work to identify early-stage companies bridging emerging technologies and use cases with 5G network attributes.


Elisa Ramps Up Digitalization in Estonia

By: Greg Tavarez     12/2/2022

Elisa looks to enhance its network in Estonia and plans to roll out an end-to-end 5G Standalone connection during spring 2023.


T-Mobile Transforms Standalone 5G

By: Greg Tavarez     11/22/2022

T-Mobile moved its 5G standalone to its Ultra Capacity network to unleash faster speeds.


Gogo Minimizes Connectivity Gap with 5G Network

By: Greg Tavarez     10/25/2022

Gogo completed the construction of its Gogo 5G network that covers the contiguous U.S. and will expand into Canada in 2023.


5G Mesh Can Ease the Wi-Fi Logjam

By: Special Guest     10/6/2022

The reliability, coverage and security benefits of private 5G mesh networks becomes the flexible, low-cost option that takes the burden off overwhelmed Wi-Fi networks