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Evolving Recipes for Connectivity: Baicells Contributes to a New and Highly Capable LTE Solution

By Alex Passett

While huge topics like artificial intelligence are amongst the hottest in global tech at the moment, so too is 5G. Specifically, private LTE/5G.

So, why the increased importance? Well, opposed to traditional networks and solutions like them, private LTE/5G offer upgrades to connectivity (i.e. faster transmission of data, plus lower latency), they can handle more simultaneous connections network capacity-wise and high speeds-wise, organizations can maintain better control over the data on these networks, and additional reasons in the veins of stable network reliability, their sheer customizability, how they can facilitate faster edge computing, and due to many implications surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

The long story short of it? Benefits abound when it comes to private LTE/5G.

Enter Baicells, international provider of innovative and disruptively priced solutions in regard to LTE/5G (solutions that currently connect more than 50 countries). The goal of Baicells is, to put it simply “Connect the Unconnected.” This goal has led to more than 300 patents and other Baicells developments since its inception in 2015, and to this day Baicells aims to set the pace for 5G and other wireless solutions that revamp and serve outdoor (rural and urban) and commercial indoor applications for customers.

This week, Baicells announced its collaboration with networking partners CELLocity, ALEF Edge and LittleBird to deploy a private LTE solution in Phoenix’s residential rental communities. And already, Baicells’ commercial deployment has received due recognition from organizations like the OnGo Alliance.

Here’s the rundown:

When connectivity is but an afterthought once properties have been constructed, this can lead to a mismatch (and loads of stress) as property managers scramble to get the connection juices flowing so to speak. Both headaches and complaints may spawn, in such cases. And even if connectivity is eventually retrofitted, it clearly wasn’t considered to be a prime utility. (Which, in 2023, it surely is.)

To best avoid a scenario like that, private LTE/5G solutions are the way to go. Baicells is acutely aware of this, given their success in the Phoenix residential apartment complex of Cabana Happy Valley. By building and deploying a turnkey private wireless network solution (one that went on air this past February), the property’s private LTE network can now be scaled as needed to easily accommodate more devices and is upgradable when considering options like secure video monitoring, digital signage, smart lighting, etc.

All thanks to Baicells’ LTE radio technology (that leveraged Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS, spectrum) as well as the managed core solution from CELLocity, the Hosted Edge from ALEF Edge, and the IoT necessities from LittleBird.

Now, the 292 apartments found in Cabana Happy Valley are more connected than ever, a future-proofing that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Overall, this economical solution is real-world proof of how times are changing, and how companies like Baicells are adapting with practical and much-needed answers.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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