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What's New in Private 5G for Enterprises? Ask VVDN Technologies

By Alex Passett

Premier electronics engineering and manufacturing company VVDN Technologies is a deliverer of next-gen solutions in the realms of 5G, data centers, networking and Wi-Fi, IoT, automotive, cloud applications and more. VVDN Technologies (or, in this piece, just VVDN instead) helps OEMs fast-track product development for increasingly immersive customer experiences. VVDN has been recognized for its product engineering, its end-to-end embedded system design and development, and its delivery of services which address “reduced costs, footprints and complexities” for businesses today.

Additionally, VVDN’s engineering capabilities range from microprocessors to FPGAs, as well as real-time operating systems, industrial and mechanical design, product testing, RF engineering and testing automation and certification.

But where’s this headed, VVDN-wise?

Well, just last week, VVDN officially announced the availability of its reliable, secure, and deployment-ready end-to-end 5G enterprise solution. So, developed, integrated and fully tested by VVDN for SIs, OEMs and telcos, this solution comprises the indigenously designed ORAN radio units from VVDN (plus its customized CU/DU and 5G Core).

More specifics below:

  • VVDN has robust, production-ready ORAN Radio Units ready for the private 5G market. This includes low power (4T4R 1W) and mid power (4T4R 20W) Radio Units suitable for 5G deployments.
  • These units, according to VVDN, “support global requirements in Band 48 CBRS, Band n78/n77 (3400 to 4100 MHz), and bandwidth up to 100Mhz, TDD duplex mode 4T4R and 2T2R for indoor and outdoor applications.”
  • They are also fully compliant with ORAN 7.0 and are FCC/CE-certified.

After diving deep into research for several years, this 5G solution has been “extensively tested for factors including timely network rollout, network performance, maintaining SLAs and downtime prevention.” This native cloud-based 5G solution will help MNOs (among others) build their own unique solutions for IoT, private and enterprise, and for installations in warehouses, factories, campuses, stadiums, airports, seaports and more.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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