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A Partnership in Paradise: Mobi and T-Mobile Partner to Transform Experiences with 5G

By Alex Passett

May the Fourth be with you, readers. (That’s for the Star Wars fans out there, given today is May 4.)

As Yoda might say, the Force is strong with this news today; a story involving Hawai’i-based wireless carrier Mobi and communications giant T-Mobile.

This week, Mobi announced it’s multi-year MVNO agreement with T-Mobile to take its awarded and extensive nationwide 5G network and offer it to Mobi customers on the islands of Hawai’i and across the mainland United States, as well.

There’s no secret sauce behind this partnership; no hidden answers in the swamps of Dagobah, nor a hidden Skywalker lightsaber in Maz Katana’s castle. It’s pretty obvious: By Mobi integrating its strong local presence and customer care team with T-Mobile’s industry-empowering 5G capabilities, Mobi will be able to adeptly deliver “bigger wireless provider innovation” more inclusively, even as a, quote, “small[er] wireless provider, ourselves.”

This win-win of announcements coincides with:

  1. T-Mobile’s longstanding support for regional carriers and 5G coverage in all 50 U.S. States
  2. Mobi’s launch of its new modem and cloud-native mobile core, developed by telecom startup Working Group Two (WG2) and powered by renowned Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This also comes at a time when Mobi has made further efforts to seize the digital carpe diem, so to speak, with eSIM, and a Mobi app for iPhone with Apple Pay and for Android with Google Pay.

Between WG2’s operations-simplifying solutions, AWS’s scale, and T-Mobile’s super-robust network, these position Mobi to deliver a Mobi-unique, app-first digital customer experience.

Per Dan Thygesen, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile Wholesale, “T-Mobile has fought passionately to advance competition in the wireless industry. Thus, supporting fellow Competitive Carriers Association wireless providers members like Mobi is important.”

Notably, T-Mobile's 5G network currently spans 1.9 million square miles and covers 325 million people, reportedly more than any other nationwide carrier. 265 million people across the United States have access to T-Mobile's Ultra Capacity 5G, and the company has plans to reach 300 million individuals later this year.

“The team here at T-Mobile,” Thygesen continued, “is committed to delivering a truly unbeatable level of network service to the communities we are proud to serve. That’s why extending access to the incredibly fast speeds, vast coverage, high consistency, and incredible performance of our network to Mobi customers retains this importance. It’s one of the many ways we are able to harness the industry-leading investments we are making in 5G and leverage the capacity of our nationwide network."

Additionally, pride was expressed by Justen Burdette, CEO of Mobi, in the big progress made by the wireless industry over the past two decades, “including our Mobi’s own no-contract, no-credit-check, affordable unlimited plan way back in 2005,” Burdette said.

He went on to praise T-Mobile as the Un-carrier in how its proven “time and time again that they will never settle for the status quo,” and their “phenomenal, industry-defining work in the building-out of a 5G that leads in just about every measure is only the latest example of their commitment to pushing wireless forward.”

Burdette also admitted that “T-Mobile’s passion for innovation has been extraordinarily contagious. So while I know both our team and theirs will always fiercely compete to better serve our customers and our shared communities, all of us here at Mobi are honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dan [Thygesen] and his incredible team at T-Mobile."

Overall, Mobi's partnership with T-Mobile is a milestone in islands-based company’s ongoing efforts to provide higher-quality services and support to local communities throughout Hawai’i. (And when Mobi customers travel in the mainland United States and can continue enjoying seamless connectivity.)

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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