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The US, 5G and 6G: What are Experts Saying?

By: Alex Passett 4/24/2023

The multi-faceted tug-o'-war between 5G and 6G continues, with the Biden administration commenting on developments (especially related to ongoing secu…


Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley to Benefit from Kajeet and Keystone Metro Fiber's Initiative

By: Greg Tavarez 4/14/2023

Kajeet entered a strategic partnership with Keystone Metro Fiber to offer private and public 5G and LTE network solutions in the Lehigh Valley.


An IoT Roadmap for Next-Generation Architectures

By: Alex Passett 2/22/2023

Eric Burger, Technical Program Director of Next G Alliance, shared research on the nature of 5G and 6G (along with a realistic next-gen roadmap) at th…


HCLTech Keeps 5G Innovation Wheel Going with Intel and Mavenir

By: Greg Tavarez 1/9/2023

HCLTech, Intel and Mavenir are in a collaboration to develop and provide scalable private 5G network solutions for communication service providers and…


Test 5G Cybersecurity in SecurityGen Lab

By: Greg Tavarez 12/19/2022

The 5G Cyber-security Lab enables MNO security teams to study 5G technology and better protect their networks.


EvoNexus Incubates 5G Startups with Qualcomm

By: Greg Tavarez 12/6/2022

Qualcomm and EvoNexus work to identify early-stage companies bridging emerging technologies and use cases with 5G network attributes.


Elisa Ramps Up Digitalization in Estonia

By: Greg Tavarez 12/2/2022

Elisa looks to enhance its network in Estonia and plans to roll out an end-to-end 5G Standalone connection during spring 2023.


T-Mobile Transforms Standalone 5G

By: Greg Tavarez 11/22/2022

T-Mobile moved its 5G standalone to its Ultra Capacity network to unleash faster speeds.


Gogo Minimizes Connectivity Gap with 5G Network

By: Greg Tavarez 10/25/2022

Gogo completed the construction of its Gogo 5G network that covers the contiguous U.S. and will expand into Canada in 2023.


5G Mesh Can Ease the Wi-Fi Logjam

By: Special Guest 10/6/2022

The reliability, coverage and security benefits of private 5G mesh networks becomes the flexible, low-cost option that takes the burden off overwhelme…


Federated Wireless Introduces Wireless Private Networking as a Service

By: Arti Loftus 10/4/2022

Federated Wireless and JBG Smith are partnering to deploy 5G private wireless in National Landing in norther Virginia, the first commercially announce…


Bridging the Digital Divide with Cellular 5G from Space

By: Greg Tavarez 10/3/2022

Lynk will fly a 5G cellular base station in space to demonstrate the ability to send a 5G signal from space to standard mobile devices on Earth.


With CBRS Trending, Radisys and the OnGo Alliance are Busier Than Ever

By: Arti Loftus 9/30/2022

An early member of the OnGo Alliance, Radisys contributed its Citizens Broadband Radio Services Devices (CBSDs) Test Harness to accelerate market read…


OnGo Alliance Inspires PLTE Collaboration Between Pente and Baicells

By: Arti Loftus 9/29/2022

Pente Networks and Baicells announced a partnership and demonstrations of a collective solution that invokes OnGo standards.


5G Networking Speeds Meet High Throughput Computing With Persistent Survivability

By: Juhi Fadia 9/27/2022

Pente Survivable Edge makes private LTE/5G private networks extremely robust and IoT and Industrial IoT solutions easier to deploy and manage.


Samsung Offers 5G RAN Solutions to Comcast's 5G Connectivity Efforts

By: Greg Tavarez 9/23/2022

Samsung will deliver 5G RAN solutions to enhance 5G connectivity for Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers in Comcast service areas.


Athonet Expands 5G Consortium

By: Greg Tavarez 9/22/2022

Athonet added new members to its consortium of partners to address the private networks market, known as the 5G Consortium.


Pente Networks Names Technology Leader and Disrupter Avi Cohen CEO

By: Juhi Fadia 9/21/2022

Pente Networks names technology leader and disrupter Avi Cohen as its new CEO and announces Series A funding.


MFA Simplifies Private Network Deployments

By: Greg Tavarez 9/13/2022

The industry alliance supporting private network adoption, MFA, launched a new resource center on its website.


Small Cell 5G Market Sees Surge

By: Greg Tavarez 8/22/2022

The installation of small cell 5G networks is increasing in enterprises, industrial and residential applications to provide enhanced coverage capacity…