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T-Mobile Transforms Standalone 5G

By Greg Tavarez

5G technology comes with its high speed, low latency and high bandwidth making it quintessential for consumers who want faster speeds for downloading music and movies, streaming services and even competitive gaming. The same factors are driving business adoption of 5G technologies, including private 5G networks, as companies look to increase their connectivity reliability and flexibility in line with other DX initiatives.

Those 5G capabilities are being transformed to another level by T-Mobile. The carrier wanted to unleash faster speeds for customers across the nation while reducing any lag in the network with lower latency by moving its 5G standalone to its Ultra Capacity network.

Around 250 million people nationwide are covered by T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G, and the Un-carrier – as RT-Mobile calls itself in an effort to differentiate itself from Verizon and AT&T – plans to reach 300 million people with Ultra Capacity next year.

The move to 5G SA on its Ultra Capacity network allowed T-Mobile to open up new possibilities for 5G carrier aggregation by combining different layers of 5G spectrum together for greater speed and capacity. For T-Mobile, the carrier combined three channels of Ultra Capacity 5G, which produced peak speeds topping 3 Gbps during the testing phase.

“5G is making a meaningful impact today, changing the way people use their smartphones, bringing choice and competition to home broadband, improving disaster response and so much more,” said Neville Ray, president of Technology at T-Mobile. “We’re only scratching the surface on what 5G can do.”

T-Mobile's Ultra Capacity 5G on 5G SA nationwide is a stepping stone for groundbreaking new applications that will thrive on a pure 5G network. Samsung Galaxy S22 users are set to leverage this new capability with expansion to additional devices in the near future.

 “Transformative 5G networks are here,” said Ray. “We’re driving the industry forward with 5G standalone and delivering a level of performance for customers that can’t be achieved otherwise.”

Edited by Erik Linask

SmartCity Editor

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