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MFA Simplifies Private Network Deployments

By Greg Tavarez

Enterprises across various industry verticals are deploying 3GPP-based private networks to gain the advantages of improved capacity and coverage, better control and on-premises data security, better predictability and more reliable performance. According to Mobile Experts’ “Private Wireless Market Update,” more than 2,800 private networks are globally deployed.

The industry alliance supporting private network adoption, MFA, launched a new resource center on its website. Through the resource center, enterprises will gain access to tools that will aid their 3GPP-based private network deployments and highlight private networks globally, including supporting new private 5G networks.

MFA made its Uni5G Technology Blueprints publicly available for download. The initial set of blueprints is based on 3GPP Release 15. The blueprints leverage 3GPP 5G standards to define profiling and classification requirements for private networks. The blueprints allow enterprises to let vendors know which select features their devices need to implement.

“Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to deploy their own private network in any spectrum, and we are providing the tools and resources to help them facilitate that and achieve their digitalization goals,” said Mazen Chmaytelli, president, MFA.

With these rollouts by MFA, enterprises gain tools that will simplify their private network deployments and provide insight on the current state of private networks.

MFA also partnered with industry analyst firm Mobile Experts and launched a private network tracker. The tracker, part of the new private networks resource center, provides insight into the state of private networks across various industry verticals and enterprises. The tracker also provides insight on regions where private networks are gaining ground.

“MFA will be providing ongoing updates on private network deployments globally so enterprises can learn about trends and best practices,” said Kyung Mun, principal analyst, Mobile Experts.

Edited by Erik Linask

SmartCity Editor

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