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ExteNet Systems, Spurs Bring Next-Gen Experiences to Fans

By Greg Tavarez

Private wireless and 5G are playing a significant role in sports and entertainment venues worldwide as fans look for an immersive atmosphere when attending these venues. Because of that, interactive in-house experiences require networks to deliver more capacity, bandwidth and lower latency. Sports venues have seen a 67% increase in data usage year over year, according to a Deloitte study.

ExteNet Systems, a privately held owner of LTE/5G and fiber neutral host communications infrastructure solutions, is lighting up the first private wireless network at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, home of the San Antonio Spurs. ExteNet was chosen in an exclusive partnership with Spurs Sports & Entertainment, SS&E, to deliver high-performance private wireless network solutions to Spurs fans to create that unforgettable fan experience.

"As industry leaders in today's ultra-competitive wireless landscape, we are honored to work with Spurs Sports & Entertainment the San Antonio Spurs and their venue to create the high-level experience their fans expect and deserve," said Rich Coyle, ExteNet's CEO.

The SS&E's private wireless network will be designed, built, monitored and maintained utilizing ExteNet's capital access to deliver a network as a service solution to clients. The NaaS provides venues with a secure, dedicated, low-latency and performance optimized network to support critical applications.

The benefits of private wireless to sports and entertainment venues extend from the first touch point to the last, including entry ticketing and parking, digital signage, real-time fan applications, interactive and personalized fan engagement, mobile/POS and cashless transactions and real-time data analytics.

"This partnership is literally a game-changer, elevating our fan experience and providing the connectivity and experience that our fans expect," said Nguyen Nguyen, senior director of IT for SS&E.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

SmartCity Editor

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