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Viettel, Qualcomm to Develop Next-gen 5G Radio Unit

By Greg Tavarez

The benefits of 5G networks have been widely discussed and slowly, networks are being built out to deliver 5G connectivity across the globe.  One of the challenges that’s slowed growth is the cost and complexity of the infrastructure upgrades.

Viettel Group and Qualcomm Technologies announced plans to collaborate and develop a next-generation 5G radio unit, or RU, with massive MIMO capabilities and distributed units to focus on helping to expedite the development and roll-out of 5G network infrastructure and services in Vietnam and globally.

Viettel is looking to accelerate the development and commercialization of high-performance Open RAN Massive MIMO solutions, which simplify network deployment and lower total cost of ownership, by using the Qualcomm X100 5G RAN Accelerator Card and Massive MIMO Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN Platform combined with its advanced hardware and software systems.

"Viettel has been a pioneer in adopting new telecommunications technologies including 5G," said Nguyen Vu Ha, general director, Viettel High Technology. "This collaboration between Qualcomm Technologies and Viettel Group will be the cornerstone of Vietnam's national strategy for Made in Vietnam 5G infrastructure."

Viettel is a global partner selected by Qualcomm to participate in the development and application of Qualcomms’s new 5G chipset, and the partnership will help advance the cellular ecosystem and accelerate the innovation cycle..

"Qualcomm Technologies, as a global technology leader in 5G, is looking forward to collaborating with Viettel for the development of Open RAN solutions that will establish the foundation for Vietnam's next-generation of wireless networks," said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, cellular modems and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

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Edited by Erik Linask

SmartCity Editor

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