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Vodafone Portugal Using MAVcore solution for 5G Converged Packet Core

By Laura Stotler

Vodafone Portugal announced it will be using the MAVcore solution from Mavenir for its fully containerized Converged Packet Core network. The telecom giant also chose Mavenir as its strategic 5G converged core supplier.

The MAVcore offering includes converged packet core and policy control features. It is designed to transform containerized and automated cloud-native networks and will offer flexibility as Vodafone launches 5G standalone applications to its customers in Portugal.

Mavenir's 5G Converged Packet Core offering provides a fully scalable and virtualized network architecture using cloud-native containerized techniques. It uses software running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. The solution provides multi-access support for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, while enabling communication service providers to easily transform and grow their networks while implementing automation.

Features include ease of scaling, hardware decoupling, portability and resilience across public, private and hybrid clouds. The offering's granular microservice architecture meets carrier-grade, web-scale requirements for high availability, performance and security. The solution also features open, standards-based APIs and supports the rapid launch of new services as well as use of AI and machine learning.

“The industry defines several steps for 5G – the first one was launched back in November – but it is the second step, the 5G standalone Core, that brings the more powerful technology revolution in terms of use cases," said Paulino Corrêa, network director at Vodafone Portugal. "For our strategic 5G standalone core supplier, we wanted a vendor who would have innovation at its heart and equally provide us with a technically leading converged Packet Core solution. We have been working on 5G SA with Mavenir in our lab for over one year and are now ready to deliver a cloud-native Packet Core platform that will transform our network and prepare it for powerful applications and differentiating use cases, as the 5G solution evolves.”

“We are delighted to now be part of Mavenir’s next-generation Converged Packet Core network under the Spring 3 Cosmos program. We look forward to transforming Vodafone Portugal’s existing network into a dynamic, agile, fully automated for simplified operation and cloud-native based platform,” said Stefano Cantarelli, chief marketing officer at Mavenir.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

SmartCity Contributing Editor

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