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Amdocs Expands Solutions for Standalone 5G Networks

By Luke Bellos

4G networking certainly had a solid run over the last decade, but. 5G is quickly taking over, providing users with lightning fast connectivity and data processing power, the essentials needed to thrive in our digitally centric working world.

Global communications solutions developer Amdocs  recently announced the expansion of its 5G Value Plane, allowing businesses to further monetize 5G networks with the support of automation. 5G networking is growing by the minute. Organizations are investing in new infrastructure to support 5G compatibility, but not simply due to improving network quality. 5G technology is also creating new monetization opportunities, and executives are attempting to leverage vast amounts of collected data to create new financial opportunities.

Amdocs is reinforcing network monetization strategies by incorporating new automation and data analysis features into the 5G Value Plane. The solution also includes end-to-end service orchestration, AI compatibility, and API support, essentially making it a comprehensive platform for maximizing the potential of 5G networking activity.

“As 5G standalone networks continue to launch across the globe, there are immense challenges to unlocking their full potential,” commented Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy. “Success requires a close linkage between the business and the network, as well as robust automation capabilities, to ensure communications service providers can deliver exceptional experiences for their customers and partners, as well as flexibly monetize these innovative new services. The 5G value plane is key to unlocking this opportunity for service providers.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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