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ITU Creates Focus Group for 5G Testbeds

By Luke Bellos

According to a recent article from THISDAYLive, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recently announced the formation of a new focus group to determine the effectiveness of ‘testbeds’ for 5G networking infrastructure.

5G networking is rolling out in countries across the globe,and the speed and reliable connectivity of the technology is expected to completely transform networking in both public and private sectors. Because the technology is still relatively young, those investing in 5G want to be sure the processes used to test it are reliable and sound. The ITU focus group will focus on gaining a deep understanding of the testbeds used to research sustainable 5G applications, as well creating a holistic framework for 5G testbeds to enhance collaborations between research groups.

“The accelerating digital transformation of our economies relies on the combination of increasingly complex technologies in fields from 5G and the Internet of Things to big data, cloud computing and machine learning.” commented ITU Secretary-General, Houlin Zhao “This focus group aims to build new partnerships to help test labs making mutually reinforcing contributions to innovation, to everyone’s benefit.”

Zhao also mentions the ongoing global pandemic has accelerated the need to develop a 5G testbed framework, as 5G-based automation capabilities are skyrocketing in demand as a result of the ongoing pandemic. By allowing the ITU focus group to create a framework for 5G testbeds, investors can be certain collaborative 5G services meet the sustainability, security, and quality expectations across all global markets.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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