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Nokia Introduces New Upgrades For 5G Lab In Guadalajara

By Luke Bellos

When considering the overall purpose of 5G development, most consumers automatically think about better phone coverage and faster internet browsing speeds. Although 5G certainly does help in those particular areas, many fail to consider how 5G networks are transforming business operations and other cutting-edge technological developments.

To support the ongoing development of 5G and 5G-compatible technology, Nokia recently announced new upgrades for its 5G testing lab in Guadalajara, Mexico. The organization created the lab in 2017 to conduct tests for product development and research, including mechanical analysis, power supply analysis,thermal testing, and performance monitoring, among others.

“Our lab executes performance tests that assure that our products meet a wide range of national and international standards,” commented Pedro Rayas, Portfolio Maintenance and Supply Chain Manager for Mexico at Nokia.

The success of Nokia’s 5G lab has inspired leaders within the company to increase financial support for the facility, specifically to uncover new potential for 5G in other areas of business and tech development.

“Those operations require highly trained professionals and Guadalajara’s position as Mexico’s Silicon Valley assures that we will have access to the specialized technology and telecom professionals required to staff the lab,” added Rayas. “We are very happy to increase our investment in Mexico, to show our commitment to our customers, provide excellent job opportunities and training for our team, while expanding the nation’s 5G influence.”

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Edited by Erik Linask

Editor, SmartCity

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