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The Wait is Over: Verizon Private Mobile Edge Compute Solution with AWS Outposts Available to US Enterprises

By Maurice Nagle

The wait is over. 5G is finally here. Talk is now action, and 5G is in a position to prove transformative. From factories and hotels, to retail and healthcare, a great revolution is at hand, and Verizon is leading the charge.

In April, Verizon unveiled its private mobile edge compute solution with AWS Outposts, and today the cloud computing platform is available to U.S. enterprise customers.

The solution puts compute and storage services at the edge of the network offering robust bandwidth and low latency required to support real-time enterprise applications like factory automation, intelligent logistics and robotics.

Tami Erwin, Verizon Business CEO explained, “Through our partnership with AWS, we are helping customers unlock the true potential of 5G and edge computing which together will enable innovative applications involving computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning. We are just scraping the surface of the new experiences that will be enabled by having 5G and edge compute on site.”

With On Site 5G and 5G Edge with AWS Outposts delivers real-time responsiveness for manufacturers. Corning, for example, is leveraging Verizon 5G Edge as well as On Site 5G to enhance operations for the fiber-optic cable manufacturer, and is currently working with Verizon to test high-speed, high volume data collection on the factory floor, quality assurance and machine learning.

“At Corning, we believe 5G will revolutionize the way people and companies interact with technology, and we’re excited to advance these developments in our own plant, where we manufacture the optical cable needed to support the networks,” said Michael A. Bell, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Optical Communications.

Our connected future relies on innovation, and 5G will serve as another rung in the ladder of progress. Where can 5G improve your operations?

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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