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SK Telecom Teams with Domestic Tech Companies for B2B MEC Solutions

By Luke Bellos

SK Telecom, one of South Korea's most notable mobile service providers, revealed this week it will be joining domestic telecommunication solutions companies HFR and NTELS to bring mobile edge computing (or MEC) services to the B2B marketplace.

5G services within the commercial market are much less complex than what is needed at a large scale, enterprise level operation. As 5G usage becomes more widespread and available, the need for heightened security measures and infrastructural management is crucial for maintaining a reliable, functional network. Although 5G may need more advanced management services in comparison to its predecessors, the networking capabilities are difficult to ignore; 5G networking is estimated to be 100 times faster than 4G, allowing business customers to transfer enormous amounts of data and video at impressive speeds.

The MEC solutions that SKT and partners will be working on allow businesses to utilize low-latency access points for 5G compatible devices. The collaborative project will also work to create infrastructure that can be used as a mobile data center, reducing the bottleneck issues that arise in highly utilized systems.According to reports, HFR will primarily focus on global network interlink technology and foreign sales channel operations, NTELS will handle customer service, platform development, and maintenence. SKT will be responsible for managing business operations and new products and services.

"We will provide industry-specialized 5G MEC solutions targeting various global enterprises and public companies," SKT Chief Technology Officer Kim Yun.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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