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AT&T Underpins Edge Portfolio with Google Cloud Pairing

By Maurice Nagle

The past year and change put an increased focus on the edge; adding intelligence, security and capability, embracing what the cloud can offer. Coinciding with the ascension of cloud adoption and edge innovation is the rise of 5G, and it’s propelling the possibilities for cellular.

AT&T announced an extended partnership with Google Cloud to empower businesses with improved edge connections as well as edge computing capabilities, and underpin data-driven decisions, to deliver enhanced operations and unique digital experiences.  

5G will touch all industries, with the companies initially calling out entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare and retail as prime places to start.

“By combining the power of AT&T 5G and Google Cloud technologies, we are helping enterprises create new customer experiences and business services that were previously impossible,” explained George Nazi, Vice President, Global Telecom, Media and Entertainment Solutions, Google Cloud.

The AT&T Multi-access Edge Compute Services provide reliable cellular coverage and traffic management capabilities via virtual network functions. Google Cloud is able to offer the infrastructure to migrate businesses from physical locations and into a cloud platform.

As a value proposition, the duo is offering efficiency in operations, more streamlined processes and actionable data to continuously improve. Relying on the AT&T network, its edge solutions turn to Google Cloud for its vast toolkit – Kubernetes, AI, ML, data and analytics – for processing and analyze power.

“Together with AT&T, we are committed to enabling our customers to build and deliver next-generation applications, whether on-premise or on AT&T’s leading mobile network,” Nazi continued.

Are you embracing the edge, and what 5G has to offer

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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