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Red Hat Summoned by Tech Leaders for Global Telecom Modernization

By Luke Bellos

Open source software provider Red Hat has announced a number of the world's leading tech developers have recruited the company for modernizing network infrastructure. To keep up with the increasingly high competition in the global marketplace, many popular tech companies are looking to enhance business operations with the most advanced network infrastructure on the market.

Red Hat has been the favorite for many popular tech companies, including Samsung and Proximus, as the software provider offers a number of hybrid cloud technologies that can act as a foundation for virtualizing networks. 5G capabilities have become the greatest priority for many companies across the globe, as the network is quickly becoming the most desired among consumers and developers alike.

“Communication service providers are helping organizations at every enterprise provide groundbreaking innovation while working to modernize their networks in an incredibly competitive market.” commented Honoré LaBourdette, Global Vice President of Telco, Media and Entertainment at Red Hat. “With Red Hat OpenShift, CSPs can focus on tackling the industries most exciting use cases like edge computing, standalone 5G core and more.”

Along with Samsung and Proximus, other companies that have sought the services of Red Hat include Telecom Argentina and HKT. Outside of 5G development, these companies are using Red Hat’s cloud native properties for digital entertainment, container-based microservices, and online shopping capabilities.

Eric Wong, Senior Vice President, Technical Service, Operation and Security, HKT, commented on his experience with Red Hat, stating, “Through the enhanced reliability and flexibility of Red Hat OpenShift, HKT is able to react more quickly to market shifts and improve our agility while still delivering innovative services to our customers.”

Readers can learn more about Red Hat’s services by visiting the company’s official website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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