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Infovista Finds KLERITY in Empirix Acquisition

By Maurice Nagle

As the vision of a truly connected world is realized, an arms race is at hand. Innovation is propelling some, merger and acquisition others, but in general, it certainly feels like a zero-sum game. The arrival of 5G put an eye on the prize, and as CSPs and the enterprise jockey for position in respective verticals

Today, Infovista announced the acquisition of Empirix, making the entity the only to offer Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Enterprises a carrier-grade, cloud-native network lifecycle automation platform developed take full advantage of 5G.

“The union of Infovista and Empirix gives all our clients a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of 5G, IoT and private networks, and to move fast towards a software-based and cloud-native future. By bringing network lifecycle automation to a strategic level, we provide CSPs with new ways to improve their productivity, customer experience and time-to-market,” commented José Duarte, CEO of Infovista. 

The centerpiece of the deal, KLERITY is a robust cloud- native monitoring, assurance and analytics solution for 5G and IoT. Built from the ground up over the past four years, KLERITY integrates end-to-end and highly granular visibility, analytics and troubleshooting capabilities for services, networks, devices, applications and subscribers within the Infovista portfolio.

CSPs can turn to Infovista to accelerate transformation efforts, rapidly deploy 5G solutions and find new revenue streams from areas like IoT, digital services, network slicing as well as information monetization.

At the time of the acquisition, Empirix touts presence in over 150 countries, and supports 23 of the top 30 CSPs in the world. Outside of Thoma Bravo becoming a minority shareholder of InfoVista, terms of the deal remain private.  

The industry is looking at 5G standalone and network slicing as the next major engines for business growth especially around IoT and private network opportunities. Empirix helps deliver the promise and full benefits of these exciting technologies with its cloud-native and automated customer experience assurance and analytics,” added John D’Anna, CEO of Empirix. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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