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Southeast Asia Receives First 5G RAN Sharing Network Thanks to Nokia

By Luke Bellos

Nokia was recently selected by Antina Pte. Ltd., a joint venture formed by mobile networks M1 and StarHub, to help bring the first 5G standalone radio access network (RAN) to Singapore.

The deployment of 5G in the southeast asia territory will help address the growing demand for the new technology, and Antina representatives hope to use this project as a way of bringing early opportunities to capitalize on potential business applications.Customers in the region will have optimized network performance, reduced mitigation costs, and have the opportunity to explore new digital ventures to support the region’s economy.

“This is an important win for Nokia that demonstrates our leadership in commercial-grade Cloud RAN as well as mobile operators’ trust in our capabilities for rapidly transitioning to 5G standalone networks.”said  Tommi Uitto Nokia’s President of Mobile Networks, “We look forward to supporting Antina in the deployment of a successful rollout of the 5G SA network in Singapore which aligns with the country’s vision of creating a world-class 5G infrastructure. We hope other global markets considering making the move to 5G SA will take note of Antina’s success.”

Nokia plans to utilize equipment from the company’s own AirScale portfolio and CloudRAN solution to help build the RAN network using the 3.5GHz spectrum band. The company will also be using NetAct network management, CloudBand Application Manager and CloudBand Infrastructure Software to manage the network.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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