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Bosch Embraces 5G As New Campus Network Gets Upgrade

By Luke Bellos

After years of anticipation, 5G has finally arrived in full form. Rumors had been circulating for some time about when 5G would officially be implemented on a large scale, but the public had to wait patiently for vendors, service providers and innovation to finely tune the next-gen tech for widespread use.

Bosch, a tech solutions firm based in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany, just revealed the first 5G campus has officially gone live for its business facilities. The announcement marks a significant step toward solidifying 5G technology as the logical next step for superior mobile capabilities, and Bosch has announced that it will begin to equip their latest products and services to be fully compatible. The company also plans to provide 5G to over 250 other Bosch plants worldwide.

“We have a clear vision of the factory of the future, and how we need to develop our products to meet its requirements. In this context, 5G is a ‘springboard innovation,’ a technology that will fundamentally change the market,” said Rolf Najork, the member of the Bosch board of management responsible for industrial technology.

The new campus developments mark the start of what will likely be a popular trend in the upcoming months, as 5G’s integration into popular technologies becomes more widespread. According to Capgemini, 65% of industrial companies worldwide plan to deploy 5G within the first two years of availability, which is why Bosch has been preemptive in its adoption of this new standard. Bosch has already started production of a wide range of 5G compatible products for industrial use. For instance, Bosch Rexroth’s ctrlX Automation platform, designed to be 5G compatible.

“5G strengthens our competitiveness and lets us make even more of Industry 4.0’s potential,” said Dr. Michael Bolle, board of management member and CDO/CTO, Bosch. “We will gradually roll 5G out to our roughly 250 plants around the world.”

Research into 5G technology began in 2014 at Bosch, which could be part of the reason why the company remains ahead of the curve. Many industries beyond manufacturing are taking advantage of 5G, such as healthcare, urban development, and agriculture, as the world begins to move toward next-generation technology..

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Editor, SmartCity

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